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In 2018, Creative Hearts Learning Academy was founded by Leah Fleeting. Leah is a certified elementary school teacher who wanted to create a space for children to learn based on their unique learning styles. She believes that children need countless opportunities to explore, create, invent, make mistakes, take risks, and have fun. Children cannot be taught with a one size fits all approach.

Education is not just about teaching content, it is about equipping children with skills they can utilize throughout their lives. At Creative Hearts Learning Academy we integrate social and emotional learning into each of our activities. We teach our preschool children to become independent thinkers and productive members of society.

Not only is learning important, you must build relationships. At Creative Hearts Learning Academy our personable staff make it a priority to connect with children and families. We help children by helping families too. Our strong lines of communication and connections with families are a top priority. You Know the saying, “it’s takes a village to raise a child”.

About Us

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