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Dear Parents,

I wanted to thank you for choosing Creative Hearts Learning Academy(CHLA) for your child or children. As a mother of two beautiful children – Cameron and Carter – I truly understand the importance of trusting a provider to care for your child. As parents,  we need the peace of mind that we've found a center where the staff truly cares about our children. At CHLA, this is absolutely the peace of mind you'll get when your son or daughter is enrolled at our academy.

As a former classroom teacher I recognize the importance of allowing children countless opportunities to explore and learn in a way that is unique to them. I also recognize the value in providing valuable educational and social experiences. Here at CHLA we understand that maintaining a clean center is a must to ensure that children are as healthy as possible and that the center feels wonderful for our little ones to be a part of everyday.

We have a team of amazing teachers that work for our company, as many of them I have known for many years! We understand you the importance of having teachers who are loyal, educated, and caring, and I guarantee you that's just what we have! My employee's have been right by my side helping CHLA evolve into the magnificent learning academy it is today.

I thank you for sharing your child with us, and I look forward to the pleasurable days we will all have together at CHLA!


Leah Fleeting –Owner

Parent Letter

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